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Geocaching in the Grand Canyon with Friends & Family

Ah, Spring! You are ready to break free from the winter doldrums and soak up the every increasing sunshine. If you are like me, you've spent the winter searching happyly for new hikes, playgrounds, and adventures to fill the ever-growing daylight hours. The only problem is.... the kids are not always keen on this plan.

Geocaching in the Grand Canyon with Friends & Family

That is where geocaching comes in! It's the motivation you need to keep those kids moving down the trail or get excited about checking out a new park. Even better, you only need your phone and a few trinkets to get started.

Geocaching is a global treasure hunt packed with educational benefits. Kids will learn some navigation skills like cardinal directions and estimating distances. They'll hone observational techniques by looking for the geocache vessel and puzzling out clues, and they can practice handwriting their names and date in the cache before putting it back where you found it.

Here is how you get started

  1.  Download a free geocaching app like this one from 
  2.  Search for a geocache near you. 
  3.  Follow the app toward the geocache and start looking around until you find it. 
  4.  Take a trinket. Leave a trinket. Sign the log. 
  5.  Return the geocache to where you found it. 

It's really that simple!


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