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5 No-Cost Ways to Engage Teams & Boost Morale After Layoffs & Pay Cuts

1. Make your monthly all-hands meetings more reassuring.

Start each one with a status update on the health of the business, and get transparent and specific on the metrics being tracked to create steadiness and ward off future lay-offs, furloughs, or pay cuts.

2. Enable leaders at every level to communicate the new strategy and goals to their teams.

Provide talking points and guidance to connect the new strategy to each role, help everyone feel involved and invested, and project empathy, meaning, and clarity.

3. Amp up the appreciations.

Foster a culture of gratitude by encouraging leaders to end every meeting with shout-outs. Things to celebrate: exhibiting a positive attitude, hitting a project milestone, mentoring a coworker, or simply showing up.

4. Empower teams to collaborate and communicate in the ways that are best for them.

Whether that's with email and voice memos for asynchronous updates, or video chats and phone calls for instant feedback, the goal is to get work done effectively and on deadline.

5. Gather in healthy ways to support engagement and community-building.

Turn one-ones into walking meetings and plan in-person activities, such as group potlucks or giveback events at a local charity. Email to learn how we can help!