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About Us

The Happyly Mission

A Happyly you is a happier you.
You do your best work when you’re living your best life and you live your best life when you’re doing your best work – Happyly believes that both can live in harmony. Happyly’s tools help users (Happiers) accomplish personal wellness goals – from improving mental and physical health to strengthening teammate connections to enhancing family time.

Whether you want to get outside, find an amazing museum or give back to the community with your colleagues or loved ones, or on your own, we have you covered! 

Join us on our mission to bridge the gap between work and life. We can’t wait to get to know you better!

Happy Adventuring!
Caitlin Iseler, Liz Regard and Randi Banks, Co-Founders and Friends

Our Core Values

Attitude is Everything
Energy is contagious. We show up for one another with good intent. Positive internal and external mindsets have gotten us where we are and will bring us into the future. Be the kind of teammate you want to have.

Cultivate Curiosity
Curiosity is the foundation for our best work and our best lives. By approaching every day with a desire to learn, solve problems and improve, we can make anything that may seem impossible possible together.

Nurture Gratitude & Celebration 
We seize opportunities to express and absorb moments of gratitude to support an overall appreciation for the small wins as well as the big ones. We enjoy the journey and find joy in the highs, lows, and everything in between.

Trust & Be Trusted 
How you do anything is how you do everything. By always choosing to do the right thing in solidarity and treating one another with a high level of trust (and grace when needed), we can safely assume good intent, which is essential to our company culture.

Embrace the Challenge
Every challenge presents a new opportunity to learn, grow, and make an impact and often the storms make the most beautiful rainbows.

Honor Commitment
We are 100% responsible for our individual lives - our relationships, our work, our mindset. Do what you say you’re going to do and proactively communicate with purposeful follow-through and you will enjoy personal and collaborative success. Being vulnerable and sharing updates extends trust and deepens relationships.

Play to Win!
No matter where you are, find the fun! If you’re stuck on a problem, play with it. Being outcome focused, and with our shared purpose and hard work as the guiding forces, we will be undeniably more successful when we find fun in the process.

Live Happyly.

Our Team

The Happyly Leadership Team is comprised of experienced technology executives with intimate knowledge of the HR landscape supported by a vast network of actively engaged, connected advisors.

Caitlin Iseler

Caitlin Iseler

Chief People Officer, Founder & CEO

Liz Regard

Elizabeth Regard


Randi Banks

Randi Banks

COO, Co-Founder & Editor in Chief

Kyle Martin

Kyle Martin

Chief Product Officer


Kim Daly Farrell

VP, Marketing & Partnerships


Liz Doerr

Advisor, CFO

Maggie Banks

Maggie Banks

Director of Business Development


Amy Orzel

Senior Editor

Mary Webb

Mary Webb Banning

Head of Customer Success