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Happyly helps teams connect in healthy ways

Our products and services empower your employees to build connections with colleagues and their communities through meaningful activities and experiences.

A Happyly workforce  leads to...
  • Stronger teams and positive corporate culture
  • Improved employee engagement and retention
  • Enhanced team communication and collaboration
  • An overall productivity and profitability boost
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Happyly Products & Services

#1 Happyly App

Connection planning tool for teams 

Teammates can search our library of curated activities, locations, and volunteer opportunities, and plan a gathering with their co-workers, family, friends, or enjoy solo.

#2 Happyly Events

Custom gatherings to promote team-building 

Whether it's a full day of off-site activities to promote wellness and connection and support your CSR goals or a single on-site activity, we can make it happen!

#3 Happyly Givebacks

Hassle-free, on-site volunteer opportunities 

Gather your team with purpose in a conference or location of your choice, and we'll send everything you need to complete a meaningful volunteer activity together. 

Happyly at Work

Website Homepage Walking Meeting

Bring your people together

Whether it's a walking meeting scheduled in the Happyly app, a Happyly Giveback activity in your conference room, or a curated day of off-site fun planned by our team, Happyly makes connecting with teammates easy and inclusive.

volunteering together

Make an impact

Hit your corporate social impact targets and let your employees donate time and talent to causes that matter to them—in their communities and beyond!—with Giveback opportunities in the Happyly app. Or use our Happyly Givebacks service to bring on-site volunteer activities to your team.

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Promote wellness & balance

Promote a healthy and active lifestyle with more than 15,000 vetted activities in the Happyly app. From volunteer opportunities and cultural events, to hiking trails and yoga classes, choose activities to do with your team, on your own, or with loved ones.

data that matters

Track data that matters

Our team tracks the success metrics that are most important to your business. You'll see and feel the return on investment with always-available, customized reporting

Our Clients Love Happyly—You Will, Too!


Happyly app users are gathering in healthy ways,
connecting & giving back to their communities

Learn how Happyly can improve company productivity, reduce attrition, and support positive culture. Schedule a call and get your free, custom quote now!
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"Happyly was the low-cost solution that we were looking for to meet the needs of all our employees. This is hands down the most successful benefit we’ve ever launched."

—HR lead at Navy Federal
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“The app is so easy to pull up and find somewhere close by to go. Very thankful for it!”

—Employee at Appian
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“I love Happyly Giveback activities. I get to connect with my coworkers and make a difference in the world.”

—Employee at Deloitte

Get Happyly for Your Business

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  3. Gather your teams in healthy ways!
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