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Happyly has three offerings to help companies like Deloitte and Korn Ferry build purpose-driven community and culture

#1 Happyly App

Connection planning tool for teams 

Teammates can search our library of curated activities, locations, and volunteer opportunities, and plan a gathering with their co-workers, family, friends, or enjoy solo.

#2 Happyly Events

Custom gatherings to promote team-building 

Whether it's a full day of off-site activities to build promote connection and support  your CSR goals or a single on-site activity, we can make it happen!

#3 Happyly Givebacks

Hassle-free, on-site volunteer opportunities 

Gather your team with purpose in a conference or location of your choice, and we'll send everything you need to complete a meaningful volunteer activity together. 

Happyly App

Connection planning tool for teams

Empower your teams to gather in healthy ways, connect with each other, and give back to their communities with a subscription to the Happyly app!

Teams get full access to the Happyly app for around $10 per person, which includes:

  • 15,000+ activities, locations, and giveback (volunteer) opportunities, searchable by category and on a map
  • Innovative scheduling tools to create one-on-ones, small group connections, team meet-ups, and company-wide gatherings
  • Personalized activity and event recommendations based on zip code and region
  • An AI-powered Assistant tool within the app to help research and plan
gather in healthy ways

Happyly Events

Custom gatherings to promote team-building

Leverage our concierge-planning services to create a bespoke event that teammates talk about long after!

We'll help you to identify your company's culture development needs, plan a single event or establish a cadence of gatherings, and facilitate an in-person happening where teammates can experience true connection through relationship-building activities and on-site giveback (volunteer) opportunities. Our services include:

  • Custom pricing based on attendee count
  • End-to-end research and planning to cover everything from venue and catering, to itinerary creation and vibe
  • Regular check-ins leading up to the event to ensure every detail that matters to you is captured
  • Dedicated Happyly team members for day-of facilitation
  • Tailored invitations, itineraries, and reminders emailed to attendees, relaying key details, like parking and attire
  • Post-event photos, impact statements, and post-attendance survey results to show ROI and share with leadership
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Happyly Givebacks

Hassle-free, on-site volunteer opportunities

Gather with purpose and strengthen co-workers' connection through meaningful community service activities

Happyly works with internal team leads to identify a cause that matters to your organization, develops an activity, and sends you everything needed to gather and complete it. You secure the space—a conference room, a Zoom link, or both!—and we facilitate the rest. Think of it as a giveback-in-a-box experience that you and your team simply opens and enjoys! Our services include:

  • Custom invitations and calendar reminders emailed to attendees
  • All the supplies needed to complete the activity, shipped to an office location or individual addresses
  • Table topics and other day-of materials to promote deep conversation and connection
  • Remote facilitation by a Happyly host, including kick-off and closing messages
  • Logistics management and delivery of the resulting donations to the beneficiary organization
  • A post-event survey to collect feedback from the entire team, along with shareable photos and an impact statement
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