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BetterUp: A Client Story

The Government division at BetterUp got out of their "happy hour" rut and made meaningful connections at a team gathering planned by Happyly


"Our team, which includes veterans, absolutely loved the event!"
—Rob Smith, General Manager, BetterUp

The Background 


BetterUp is a company on a mission to revolutionize the way organizations approach employee development and well-being with a platform that combines technology and expert coaching. As an organization, BetterUp believes that the success of any company is fundamentally tied to the growth and well-being of its people. 

The General Manager of BetterUp’s Government division, Rob Smith, was looking for something that would help his team form deeper connections than the typical happy hour. In May 2023, he contracted Happyly to help him get more impact from one of his quarterly team get-togethers.

The Challenge

Happyly needed to take the time-consuming task of planning a team event off of Smith's plate, and find an activity the group could do together in a casual setting that would promote community service as well as opportunities for deep conversation and connection. 

The Tactics


Happyly researched giveback activities that aligned with causes identified as meaningful to BetterUp’s Government team, and ultimately chose an opportunity to support the mental health of deployed service members through Operation Gratitude. Operation Gratitude is an organization that has been providing ways for citizens to express their appreciation for military and first responders since 2003. 

Happyly planned and facilitated a “Gather & Give Back” event for BetterUp’s Government team featuring the giveback activity. 

The Results

During their “Gather & Give Back” event, members of BetterUp’s Government team put together care packages for Operation Gratitude. They collected and organized personal care items, assembled para-cord lanyards, wrote personal notes of appreciation, and then packed everything up in boxes to be shipped out. These care packages have a direct impact on the well-being of active-duty troops.

4-2Conversation starter topics, initiated by Happyly staff during the event, lead to meaningful dialogue around being of service and participating in the military. Several of BetterUp’s Government team members shared their personal experiences of military service with each other—some for the first time. 

The event was enjoyed by everyone in attendance, and Smith was extremely pleased with Happyly’s service.

"Our team, which includes veterans, absolutely loved the event! In addition to gathering together with the focus of giving back to those that serve our country, the table topics you suggested highlighted ways that our team likes to spend their time giving back to the community. It was also awesome to hear from our veterans on our team who served and were also deployed overseas. They told incredible stories of just how much it meant to them to be remembered and thanked for their service. So thanks again to [Happyly] for an awesome event. Your team made it fun, inspiring and easy!" said Smith.

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