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How-To Videos

Step-by-step guides and tutorials from the Happyly Customer Success team

Getting Started

What is Happyly?

Head of customer success, Mary Webb Banning, presents an overview of the Happyly app, and explains how it can help you get connected, find balance, and work Happyly with your teams.

Getting Started

How to Create Your Balance Profile

Mary Webb Banning walks you through the Happyly app on-boarding process and shows you how to create your Balance Profile.


How to Gather & Connect with Your Team

Connect with your team in healthy ways by learning how to create a Gather event in the Happyly app with Mary Webb.


Find Activities to Enjoy on Your Own or with Others 

Discover how a busy mom, someone on a business trip, and a guy looking for a dog-friendly activity can find activities and connect with others using the Map and Search features in the Happyly app.


Find a Giveback Experience & Connect with Your Community 

Build meaningful connections and contribute to causes that matter to you with a Giveback event.